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VidMate app is a video downloader app, inside it we can easily download movies, songs, clips, etc. and can convert video to MP3, MP4, HD etc. This is a very light weight app.

Vidmate Updated version 2018

File Size 7.2 MB
Type Media & Video
Version 3.35
Require Android 4.0.3 or later
Star rating 5
Downloads 87,00,000+
Update 2018-08-21

More information about Vidmate app –

The VidMate app is considered to be one of the best apps known to users as of today. With the highly recommended application, you would be able to download anything from any video website. On most of the video downloading websites the app lets the users choose quality they want for viewing as well as downloading the videos including the HD format and other low quality setting options which take up less amount of space on the memory. This way, all videos that you download would fit perfectly on the virtual library, organised by the date of download. Just in case if you wish to download songs, you will have to search for all the available videos amongst 20 different platforms which are fixed by default and the application would save the video and audio tracks automatically.

Amongst the different options available for Vidmate app download, you would even get the option of adding secondary videos portal which don’t appear on the main interface. There are more than 20 options which are available which you will find with it.

Vidmate even includes access to download games and apps on Android from within the application itself. In case you wish to update them, then you will have to go to the other tools such as uptodown or Google Play for updating all the apps and explore the new options available. Vidmate is the app which lets the users download the songs and videos from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Metacafe and various other multimedia websites.

In Vidmate setting you may select different websites which you wish to show on main interface. By default you just have the shortcuts for the most famous ones like Metacafe, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. But you can also add 20 plus websites manually from where you may download content. It is a very good app for users who regularly download videos from some websites.

VidMate HD Download has become one of the best HD downloader apps for videos which let the Android users download videos from their favourite video platforms. This Android app is quite efficient in getting the downloads from any video website. With the help of VidMate Free download you also get the freedom of choosing the quality of videos which is not offered by any other app.

Supported video websites

The websites which support the app include Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, FunnyorDie, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Metacafe, etc.

Key Features

  • You can download all the videos in high quality
  • You can watch LIVE TV

If you are looking for that perfect video downloading manager which helps you in downloading any videos for playing anything locally, then you should Download Vidmate. Vidmate HD is the best option for you. It has been designed as a substitute for Tubemate on Android. You may download videos with HD resolution with a very fast speed. The app functions like searching and playing the videos online, downloading the videos on phone and playing them.

The latest version of the app helps in fixing the errors in the videos, sometimes it is not able to download or get 0KB files. In case you face any of these issues, then you just need to upgrade to the latest version which would help you. This application helps in decreasing the 3G bill by simply downloading the content which you generally play. Download just once and play multiple times. The policy of this application is to use it for downloading only legal content. For using the app you need to agree for using it for downloading content which you would be playing for your personal use only.

Vidmate movies

This is considered to be a very powerful feature of the Vidmate app. It is one of the most popular apps which let the users watch as well as download unlimited videos from the net. Also the popular movies, HD videos, Television series, etc. can be viewed online with the app and you may download them too. All the features are completely accessible and that too free of cost. This app has been specially developed for people who like to keep entertainment content on their phones, desktops, etc.

Features of the Vidmate movies app

    1. You are free to watch unlimited number of HD movies, movies, videos, songs, video status etc.
    2. You can watch 200+ channels for watching television online through the application
    3. You get fastest downloading speeds
    4. The interface of the app is very easy to navigate as well as use
    5. Direct downloading is also possible form the net
    6. You get access to unlimited Android games for the gaming lovers
    7. You may pause as well as resume downloads as and when you need
    8. You may even view status of downloads very easily

Some significant features of the Vidmate app

Below are some of the most significant features that you may enjoy with Install VidMate 2018.

  1. Resume the current download

The resume current downloading video is a feature which is a very useful one. Sometimes you may face poor internet connectivity while you download big size videos and movies. The app enables the users to easily resume the files later while you get connected to internet. The files start downloading right from where it had stopped earlier. You don’t have to start all over again. The half downloaded files are saved on the app and also it would remember the status in background. This helps in saving time while downloading larger files. You may activate downloading the files during night and when you would wake up in morning, you would be able to save all the files downloaded on the handset.

  1. World famous music download

If you are looking to download your favourite music and videos, then Vidmate would be the perfect app for you. Now you may be able to download unlimited number of songs that belong to different parts of the world on your mobile or tablet with the help of the Vidmate app. So, you just need to type name of the video or the song that you wish to download in the search bar and you would get the list of all the results for search. Now, you may simply choose the file which you wish to download and then click on download button on right hand side bar then the file would be downloaded on the phone. Once downloaded, it would let you listen to any song without paying anything.

  1. Free of cost Android games

For the gaming lovers, the app offers free of cost Android games download through Vidmate software. It helps the users to download a number of free of cost and premium games without paying anything and play on the phone.

  1. Ease of using the interface

The app has been designed by only keeping end users into mind. It’s very simple to be used and offers an easy access to smartphone devices. Once it’s downloaded on the mobile, you may access all the features without paying anything. There is absolutely no need of paying for anything.

  1. Watch the television series

If you have just missed your favourite television series then you just need to download VidMate latest version. The app has loads of pre-installed television series that you watch anytime.