How to Set and Reset Private Access Password in Vidmate App?

Everyone like to download and watch their lovely media files. But unfortunately, when you try to do it most of the time you will be disappointed by means of the ads and payment. You will be asked to pay the amount in order to download the media file. That’s why Vidmate app is introduced in the market. No matter about the type of content it will offer you the best and unbeatable media watching experience that you didn’t get any app beforehand. Even you want the large size files also you can able to easily move it without any hurdle. When comes to the media contents transferring process it will make you will be allowed to take even 3 to 4 numbers of files.

Reset Private Access Password

Are you missing your lovely TV show? No need to worry you can watch everything on this fantastic app. It never makes you regret in any case why because it has everything you want. Even you want the latest files also make you of this tool. Since undoubtedly you will be offered with what you want.

What are the features?

There are a lot more numbers of features are available in this app that will help you to have a smoother media file downloading process. Here there are multiple numbers of contents available readily. All you want to do is just choose and download the content you want from the list. It will offer access to some other site as well.

Vidmate Apps

When you want the content that is available in some other platform also you all set to choose this app and then take the media files on your device. In fact, you can secure the files.

Why want to secure files?

You all have some private videos that you don’t like someone to watch in such case you all go for the third-party app that will secure the contents. But here no need for that thing you can easily secure contents by means of the tool itself. Once you set a password then none can open it other than you. Even you will be allowed to access after entering the right passcode.

How to Set and Reset Private Access Password in Vidmate App?

Want to set a password for the media files that you have downloaded on your device. Then herein the steps you should apply in order to safeguard your media contents.

  1. First and foremost you are required to open the Vidmate app on your device
  2. In the home page, you want to locate and click an option “My files”
  3. Under “My files” you must click on “Private access”
  4. Below this, you are required to enter the password on your choice
  5. In order to confirm it re-enter the password
  6. If you want to reset then choose app settings and then reset the password
  7. You must re-enter the password for confirmation

Beneath steps are most prominent when you want to set and reset private access password. Thus make use of it and then protect your media files easily.

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