The Most Impactful Movies of Bollywood Everybody Should Watch

Bollywood has been making amazing movies throughout its existence. You can easily find movies of all the genres in the realm of Bollywood. But there are always movies that not just stay hit during their time but stay evergreen afterwards too.

In this post, you would get a quick glimpse of the most impactful movies that everyone should watch. After all, why to miss amazing and influential cinema?


It is a movie that resorts to retelling an inspirational and motivational story about a time long forgotten. This is a brilliant, but somewhat simple retelling of the evacuation of more than one hundred thousand Indians from Kuwait after the start of the 1990 Iraq-Kuwait war. The movie is really worth watching and is simple in its nature.


This is kind of an original Malayalam film (of the same name) turned out to be the highest grossing film in that language upon its release in the year 2013 and was subsequently remade into four Indian languages namely Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi, all of these became huge commercial hits. This is absolutely a rare feat, but not surprising believing the premise consists of anexcellent, original script. The movie is really simple again in its plot but the way it has been presented and the message that the movie conveys is absolutely amazing. Ajay Devgan has nailed it for sure.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)

There would only be rare instances when a script tells a captivating story from right from the beginning to finish. But Bajrangi Bhaijaan surely does that. Since the British left the nation in the year 1947, India and Pakistan have always been competitors, but this movie takes on a really sensitive issue, blends it with a solid script and forms magic. It shall definitely leave you in tears. The movie is a commercial hit and ruled the hearts of the audience too.  And if you are Salman Khan fan then you cannot simply afford to miss this movie. The man has just done more than justice to his role.


This movie is one of the various coming-of-age films that have motivated and inspired a generation of Indians to travel, witness the world and make the maximum of their youth – not yield to the wishes of an earlier generation that might rather they get married by the year of twenty-six, have kids at twenty-eight and continue paying off the loans thereafter. Kangana Ranaut has definitely done amazing in this movie. The lead actress Kangana Ranaut blended with her own dialogues and she deservedly won everyone.

Mary Kom (2014)

In India where cricket has been given all the importance, this is refreshing to witness a movie about a lesser-known sport and even better to witness a genuinely wonderful athlete rewarded for her endurance, passion, determination and commitment. Mary Kom (the real one) has actually made India proud and the movie depicted it in the best flavour. Priyanka Chopra did a phenomenal job in this movie.


Thus, these were just a few of the many most impactful movies of Bollywood. You should do install Vidmate if you want to watch all these movies on any of your android device for free. You would get the formats and resolution options too in this HD video downloader application.

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